GenVoices – The “100,000 Voices” Launch

With just two weeks to the date of the rally, GenVoices approached RED. Their event – for 100,000 participants - was cancelled by the authorities and they needed an equally impactful event that would launch its brand and capture the attention of the nation.

What we delivered
  • A 4-hour live telethon and studio event that had Nigeria’s most respected national and youth leaders from the geo-political regions, as well as an injection of A-list celebrity to ensure popular buy-in.
  • An estimated 10 million viewers on TV and online with live feeds from Abuja and Skype-ins from 3 states and 2 countries.
  • Live broadcast from Channels Television, EbonyLife TV, Cool FM & Beat FM.
  • Buy-in from the United Nations and the Federal Ministry of Youth Development.

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  • Subomi Plumptre Project Director, GenVoices

    “It’s always amazing to see what you guys at RED can pull together whatever the circumstance.”