GenVoices – The “100,000 Voices” Launch

With just two weeks to the date of the rally, GenVoices approached RED. Their event – for 100,000 participants - was cancelled by the authorities and they needed an equally impactful event that would launch its brand and capture the attention of the nation.

What we delivered
  • A 4-hour live telethon and studio event that had Nigeria’s most respected national and youth leaders from the geo-political regions, as well as an injection of A-list celebrity to ensure popular buy-in.

  • An estimated 10 million viewers on TV and online with live feeds from Abuja and Skype-ins from 3 states and 2 countries.

  • Live broadcast from Channels Television, EbonyLife TV, Cool FM & Beat FM.

  • Buy-in from the United Nations and the Federal Ministry of Youth Development.

“It’s always amazing to see what you guys at RED can pull together whatever the circumstance.”

Subomi Plumptre,
Project Director, GenVoices