How We Work
[fancy_heading h1=”0″ icon=”” style=”line”]You’ve heard many agencies say “clients will always complain.”

We are not one of them.

We are all about joy – delivering joy to our clients, and delivering joy to their audiences.

To make this happen, our work style is different in 5 significant ways:[/fancy_heading]

Leave it to us, seriously

If you want us to reach a few thousand people, we can. You want us to place some corporate-speak press release on media platforms, we certainly can.Walk into our office, tell us ‘I want to reach xxx number of people in xxx months’ and then go to sleep.

You’ve found what we do best.

We like unstructured environments, we enjoy complex assignments, we live for complicated tasks.

What does full-service really mean?

The promise of a full-service communication agency is one we take very seriously.Through our group company, RED – which owns and runs the continent’s largest portfolio of youth media brands – we have unmatched skill in a vast array of media and communication competencies.

Our team of Developers, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Producers, Copy Editors, Video Editors, Script Writers, Bloggers, Event Managers, Copy Writers, Social Media Managers, Journalists, Presenters, Photographers, Animators and Directors consistently deliver end-to-end solutions with excellence.

We know everyone, everywhere

Due to the breadth of our sister brands and engagements across the 36 states of Nigeria and over 26 countries of Africa, we have unmatchable reach across the continent.We have developed and nurtured a vast, deep network of volunteers, CSOs, creatives, faith-based organisations, foreign governments, schools, cultural organisations, media, Nigerian government agencies; multilateral organisations; an eclectic mix of whom we have worked with, executed projects for and delivered the future.

We deploy these robust relationships and an on-the-ground understanding of African media and audiences for clients and partners.

Spread action, not words

When you work with us, you will notice that our focus will be first on what you do, on how you do it, and on what you can do. Because how your target audiences see you depends on actions, not words.Our multi-year experience working on the front lines of change – building people, communities, nations – with governments, corporates, activists and creatives everywhere have sharpened our instincts as to what works, what you should create, and how you should make it happen.

We inspire, not control

Here is the fact of the age. People believe nothing. They believe everything is spin and lies. But they urgently want to believe in something, in people, and in systems.So the nature of Communication and Public Relations has completely changed, evolving into a two-way conversation between brands and audiences.

Once it was about control. Now it’s about sharing. It’s about trust, and that’s where we truly shine.

To help your brand thrive in this reality, we deploy a 5-step mandate:

  • Help organisations navigate the new reality that power has changed hands from corporations to consumers.
  • Help organisations invest in honest and transparent communication.
  • We help you focus on actions. PR used to be about what you say. It is now about what you do, and how you talk about what you do.
  • Moving beyond the fear of bloggers, commenters, tweeps, citizen journalists and everyone with a mobile phone, we help you learn to trust them, to partner with them – as allies, who connect with your purpose.
  • We develop and deploy strategy that help your target markets trust you, connect with you, and believe in you.
[fancy_heading h1=”0″ icon=”” style=”line”]That’s how you close the deal.[/fancy_heading]

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