Other Competencies

Public Relations

We are widely experienced in giving brands their desired image as well as building a positive relationship with their various publics to achieve business objectives. We come with a mastery of PR tools and procedures including Media Relations, Press Releases, Special Events, Media Conferences, Videos and Documentation, Websites, Fact Sheets, Public Service Announcements, Brochures, Annual Reports, Speech Engagement, Community Relations, Internal Communication, Corporate Social Responsibility, Research, and others.

Digital Media

New media marketing and communication involves a lot more than great advertisements, websites and banners. It is a whole range of tools including search engine optimization, displays ads, social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Instant Messaging, Blogs, YouTube, etc), conversion tracking and reporting, partnerships with high-traffic websites, mobile technology and conversation generation. Above all, it requires a well-planned engagement strategy using the right medium, targets, creativity, technology and the Big Idea. We have a strong grip on how to use digital tools to make measurable impact, ensuring that you get maximum presence across several digital platforms in a perfectly coordinated fashion.


In a new media space defined by ubiquitous new/digital media platforms, we are one of a very small community that has deep experience with both traditional media and new media and understand how brands should integrate both. Because we understand both traditional media principles/strategies and new media tools perfectly, we are just the right company to help you make the best of both worlds.
Our team of highly creative individuals at our affiliate Ashwell & White is able to conceptualize and execute cutting edge marketing campaigns for brands and organizations based on in-depth understanding of their needs, brand essence, and bespoke application of that essence in a cost-effective end-user oriented fashion.

Brand events

Planning your event bottom up, we are able to deliver premium coordination that is budget effective. From press conferences to exclusive dinners and charity balls we execute flawless events with our team of experienced event planners. We add an extra twang that mixes extreme creativity with functionality. For individuals and corporate organizations, we organize photo-shoots, red carpet/poise training and offer other personal branding advise. Our preference/core expertise however is corporate events. This is a customized market product for the client that wants to organize the event by itself, but needs us to supervise, stepping in with crucial alternatives as the need arises.

Street Activations

When it comes to getting your brand in direct contact with your target markets; driving your numbers up, getting audiences to experience your products, build traffic, target communities, activate and execute guerilla strategies, drive premium and effective awareness through brand activations – no one does it better than us; on the street, across the country.

Project Management

Our clients completely trust us to execute and implement their projects because we have handled a wide range of accounts and platforms from entertainment to governance – organizing all components from start to finish. With events, conferences, pilots, and corporate social responsibility programs and many more projects under our belt, we have easily become the foremost project managers