Our Specialised Units

Our Specialized Units

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We provide full-service communication solutions which include StateCraft Inc., a Politics and Governance Communication Affiliate and other SME focused solutions
StateCraft (Politics & Governance)
StateCraft Inc., based in the United Kingdom, is an affiliate focused on governance, public affairs and political communication across Africa.
StateCraft Inc. is Africa’s leading governance communication firm, with a mission to galvanise a generation to make informed choices – and has worked with government officials, public office holders and political candidates ranging from local governments to the Presidential elections.
The Salt Hub (Faith)
We develop and execute PR strategies for religious organizations with a focus on engaging the audiences, communicating the purity of the ideals, retaining attention, expanding audience and standardizing community.
From regular weekly services, through conferences concerts and crusades, seasonal events, evangelism outreaches, and adoption of technology and new media tools, we have helped several churches and other religious organisations meet and surpass the their visions and their missions.
Small & Medium (SMEs)
In support of startups and medium scale enterprises across a continent in dire need of more entrepreneurs and thus more jobs, Small & Medium is our subsidiary specifically targeted at strategies and communication packages that support, incubate and grow small businesses with limited budgets.
Working through a minimum of one year to ensure scale, while delivering effectiveness, the campaigns are created to reach the desired target market and derive satisfactory value.
This is part of our bid to give back to the community and support development and entrepreneurship in Nigeria through the media.
#OnTheScene (Events)
Events and celebrations are a huige part of our culture. The celebration of life, thanksgiving for joy, coming together of peoples and families, appreciation for things small and mighty.
#OnTheScene is our specialized unit focused on ensuring the world and the audiences you target can share in your excitement and your joy – ensuring coordinated and maximal exposure on print, online, television, radio and outdoor.
#OnTheScene guarantees coverage that makes your special moments – weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, graduations and others – last forever, in the most professional way.