What We Do

Let’s keep it simple


  1. Brand events.
  2. Brand identity.
  3. Building a communication and strategic imperatives calendar.
  4. Communication training.
  5. Conversation management.
  6. Crisis communication.
  7. Customer acquisition.
  8. Customer retention and growth.
  9. Digital media strategy and execution.
  10. Industry influence.
  11. Influencer relations.
  12. Internal and change communication.
  13. Market entry for global brands.
  14. Market expansion.
  15. Media relations.
  16. Product experience.
  17. Project management.
  18. Results-driven engagement.
  19. Social media management, monitoring and training.
  20. Street activations.
  21. User-centered product strategy and development.
  22. Web design.
  23. We create raving fans for your brand, building a movement that focuses on and grows your bottom-line.
  24. We help you develop a winning strategy that drives sales, human resources, business productivity, technology and market share.


Our Specialized Subsidiaries



Nucleus is a full service, metrics-driven digital agency that fuses strategy, design, and technology to tell interactive brand stories. Nucleus is our team of creative minds, strategists, and engineers whose sole mission is to create unique and engaging digital experiences from start to finish. Nucleus connects companies with audiences they don’t know exist.


Nigeria’s influential churches need a different breed of agency. We develop and execute PR strategies with a focus on engaging audiences, communicating ideals, retaining attention, and expanding audience. From regular weekly services, to adoption of technology and new media tools, we ensure that our clients are able to spread their message, and retain their brand values.

StateCraft Inc.

StateCraft is Africa’s leading governance communication firm, with a mission to galvanize a generation to make informed choices, working with government officials, public office holders and political candidates ranging from local governments to the Nigeria’s 2015 presidential elections.


Focused on ensuring the world and the audiences you target can share in your excitement and your joy, #OnTheScene ensures coordinated and maximal coverage and exposure of events on print, online, television, radio and outdoor media.

#OnTheScene guarantees coverage that makes your special moments – weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, graduations and others – last forever, in the most professional way.

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