We are RED

RED Media is a leading media content and communication company with a prominent development subsidiary called The Future Project.

Structured into two main businesses, its content arm is headlined by the premium Y! brands (Y! TV, Y! Radio, Y! Online, Y! In ‘D News and Y! Magazine) as well as The Future Nigeria Awards, reputed as Nigeria’s biggest youth event; while its communication arm offers full-service communication solutions with a focus on Public Relations, New Media, Demographic Marketing (with a reputation as a pioneer in Youth Marketing), Editorial Consultancy and Perception Management.

Our advantages include an integrated marketing communication mix that gives clients access to premium content and platforms, a wide network of partners, a well of goodwill across and a knowledge-based approach to providing tailor-made services. We are also one of a very small cadre of agencies that are able to effectively and knowledgeably straddle the Traditional and New Media, thereby giving clients research and experience-based advice on where best to spend monies to achieve targeted results.

The company’s heritage over the past six years covers communication services for clients across a wide spectrum including Government, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Technology, Development, Social Services, Entertainment, Fashion & Style, Education, and Personalities.

RED Media stands at the cusp of a new direction for media businesses for two reasons: first, we are headlining a new model that combines a strong marketing communication business with media content ownership, and in a new media space defined by ubiquitous new/digital media platforms, we are one of a very small community that has deep experience with both traditional media and new media and understand how brands should integrate both spaces.

Our client base is an elite list of corporate and personas for whom we constantly offer premium and cutting edge services through our well known low-maintenance; no-drama focus on our client’s bottom-line.

It is the flagship of the Red Media Group – a network of premium media companies including Y! (www.ynaija.com_) with a prominent development affiliate called The Future Project, owners of The Future Awards (www.thefuturenigeria).