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We are a Public Relations (PR) and Customer Experience company that drives agenda, builds movements and turn audiences into raving fans.


Legacy Branding

We live for the stories that connect us all; that funny billboard tagline, ad jingles you will never forget, memorable media events worth a lifetime and more.

Market Reconnaissance

We are a Public Relations and Customer Experience agency that uses integrated communication, to help brands build lasting identities, manage real-time crisis and acquire new customers by building adaptable focus-markets for every PR campaign.

360° Mobilisation

The best Public Relations (PR) and Customer Experience agency in Nigeria to help you develop lowest-risk winning strategies to boost sales, human resource, business productivity, technology adoption and market share.

Inclusivity & Diversity

We understand the nuances of diversity across industries and geographies and help organizations craft better diversity and inclusion strategies. Our inclusivity and diversity communication and consulting help clients across industries implement programs or improve on existing ones that create value through improving inclusivity and diversity culture.

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Award-Winning Public Relations (PR) Company


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Red Media Africa is the Public Relations (PR) Agency & Empowerment Marketing division under the parent company; RED, based in Nigeria.

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