Enterprise54 Capture

GO Media has launched an entrepreneur-based news and
 magazine platform, Enterprise54.com. The multimedia platform, which was launched on 1 July 2014, reports ideas, tools and resources that 
empower entrepreneurs across Africa, with a focus on small business.

“With small business being the engine of emerging economies across the
 world and a major solution to Africa’s youth unemployment, it is 
imperative that enterprise flourish on the continent,” said Goke Oyeniyi, the editor-in-chief.

“However, there’s an absence of media platforms dedicated to telling the stories and spotlighting the issues that concern entrepreneurship and the SME sub-sector which is a crucial pillar of the continent’s economy.”

Research shows that an average of 60 percent of small businesses across the continent close shop by their fifth year – a lack of capacity being the major factor. Enterprise54.com’s mission is to mitigate this by publishing actionable advice and highly resourceful content.

“We are excited to help Africans build and grow their businesses,” Oyeniyi, who worked  with Ventures Africa for two years, added. Serial entrepreneur and MTech, L5Lab and 440.ng Co-Founder, Chika Nwobi has commended the startup.

“Enterprise54 will be a useful medium where start-up stories are highlighted to motivate Nigerians, and Africans, to launch successful enterprises,” he said.

Clocking in its one-month anniversary, the site has tremendous growth in numbers and engagement, and has already structured and deployed partnerships with pan-African entrepreneurship events to engage with SMEs.

Enterprise54.com is launched in partnership with Red Media Africa, the
 omnimedia group that holds the continent’s largest portfolio of youth
 media brands.