33 Export Beer World Friendship Day  (4)

The “33” Export Premium Lager Beer, Nigeria’s Number 1 Friendship Beer, hosted friends across the country to an evening of games, food, good music and all-round fun ‎‎at the ‘“33” Export Beer ‘Friendship Parties’, with guests also winning prizes for themselves and their loved ones.

The events, dedicated to friends all over Nigeria to celebrate the noble feeling of friendship, were held in twenty locations across five cities in Nigeria on the 30th of June, 2016. The brand joined friends all over the world to celebrate the World Friendship Day.

33 Export Beer World Friendship Day  (5)
“The “33” Export Beer brand, which is the code of friendship, is about increasing the bond between friends and loved ones”, said the Brand Manager, Mr. Mfon Bassey. “The World Friendship Day is a day that defines the special moments that brings the world together to acknowledge and foster the feeling of mutual understanding and solidarity. As a brand that celebrates the special bond between friends, the “33” Friendship parties are about celebrating those wonderful moments and days in the lives of our wonderful customers.”

The parties held simultaneously in bars, restaurants, and clubs in Uyo, Benin, Port Harcourt, Osogbo, Badagry, Calabar, Eket, Agbor, Surulere and other locations in Nigeria. To share the insightful knowledge that Nigerians have about friendship, participants took part in challenges where they had to provide answers to intimate and personal questions about their loved ones at the event.

The competitions allowed participants to make calls to their unwitting friends who were meant to save them from ‘trouble’ in specified locations. Those who showed up to save their friends were subsequently rewarded with various gifts and cash prizes.