Is it the latest fashion or the new national flag? These were some of the questions on the lips of curious Lagosians yesterday, who woke up to the sight of optical Smartphone readable codes better known as barcodes in different areas of the metropolis. The imposing signs appeared everywhere, from shopping malls to school buildings, from billboards to T-shirts, everyone appeared to be rocking a barcode! The barcodes had a mysteriously simple message written below; ‘Scan me for a new attitude’. According to eyewitnesses who scanned the barcode, they were confronted with yet another mysterious message in neon green. It read, ‘DON’T BLEND IN: BE UNIQUE, FIND OUT HOW ON 05: 04: 12’. Feelers reaching us say that this mysterious new message is coming from telecoms giant Etisalat who are planning to unveil yet another innovative package for Nigerians on April 5. The company remains mum about the issue, but there is clearly a lot of buzz at their numerous offices and headquarters situated around Lagos]