It was a spectacular showcase of talents as Nigeria’s biggest music
reality show Nigerian Idol held its final Season II auditions at the Dream
Studios in Lagos. From Friday November4 to Sunday November 6, thousands of
young talents trooped in to take a shot at being the next Nigerian Idol.
The-3 day event recorded a massive turnout as
registration lines stretched across Bamako Street and up to the main road,
obstructing traffic in some instances.
The audition train started in Abuja in October, breezing through
thousands of talents in Enugu and Port Harcourt along with
Etisalat-sponsored mini-concerts which provided extra entertainment. “I
am very happy to be here,” said Ronke Adeniji , a petite 21 year old
Nigerian who travelled all the way from Abidjan, Ivory Coast to be a part
of this year’s show. I followed the show on Facebook and
Twitter throughout the show last year and I made up my mind to be a part
of this one. Once the time came, I packed my bags and came to Lagos.”
Abdul Bolu, unemployed graduate, travelled all night from Nassarawa to
take part. “I actually borrowed my transport fare from my elder
sister, he explains as he practices on his guitar. I could not afford it
to the Abuja auditions; I had to convince my family members how much this
meant to me. Luckily they believed in me and here I am
Ronke and Abdul are just two from thousands of young Nigerians who
travelled to Lagos from far and wide to take part in the auditions with
the dream of becoming the next Nigerian Idol.
“But of course, this is Idol so that is only expected,” said Tiwa
Medubi, who is Project Manager. “There is a reason why Nigerian Idol is
called the real deal, and that is the reason these young people are
mega-excited to be part of the next season. I daresay that this year will
be an even more spectacular show than last year’s. The prize haul this
time around is bigger and better and we have an immensely
talented pool of contestants on the show this year. This definitely helps
our focus – maintaining the international standard of the show with
infusions of our distinct Nigerian flavour to give the audience the very
best entertainment anywhere across the continent.”
Nigerian Idol Season II is brought by Etisalat, in conjunction with Pepsi
and Sony. Other partners include Air Nigeria, Megalectrics and Beat FM.

Judged by the trio of international music icon Jeffrey Daniels,
Charles “Charly Boy” Oputa and diva Yinka Davies, the show begins
airing on 4 December, until the winner is announced at a grand gala on 1
April 2012.

Following the premise of the original show Pop Idol, Nigerian Idol is a
television reality show with a nation-wide search for Nigeria’s next solo
superstar, which will offer one young talent the opportunity that raw
talented singers have until now, only dreamed of. Nigerian Idol aims to
find the best singer in the country who can be defined as the “National”
singer, and International Artiste.
Nigerian Idol Season I was won by Yeka Onka, a former beauty queen and
contestant from Abia State,
Just as it happened on the previous season following the Idol format, a
panel of three judges, made up of some of the music industry’s most
influential experts, will be faced with the daunting prospect of
choosing 50 talented singers to face the viewing public who will
decide, in a series of live shows, who most deserves the chance of
stardom. These 50 hopefuls will be set tasks to prove that they have got
the musical talent to make it in one of the world’s
fastest-growing and most competitive music industries. The Winner will be
chosen after a live show in which the final two contestants sing to the
nation in the hope of clinching the prize that will change their lives


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