Access Bank’s Group Managing Director, Herbert Wigwe, reiterated his belief in the potentials of young Nigerians and their important role in the socio-economic growth of the country, as he celebrated the Children’s Day with the students of Girls Secondary Grammar School, Ikoyi, Lagos yesterday, 27 May, 2019.

 Speaking during the visit, Mr. Wigwe shared several successful tips built on integrity, honesty, hard work, self-love, family, perseverance, developing a savings culture, even as he encouraged them to adopt the values of discipline and hard work in all their endeavours.

 “You cannot achieve success without hard work and excellence. In everything you do, be ready to go the extra mile. The biggest mistake anyone can make is to relent on one’s dream because of the fear that it is too difficult. Focus on the joy in every activity, don’t let your present circumstances ever determine your future. Don’t let anyone tell you your dreams are too big to be achieved. Beware of friends and peer groups that tell you to take shortcuts, because shortcuts always end in regrets,” he said.

 He further explained the importance of imbibing good saving habits, stating that was a necessary skill that would help them achieve their goals.

 “Many of the business leaders that we celebrate in Nigeria and all over the world started off by building a strong saving culture. Learning to save is one of the key things that young people need to imbibe, as it will help prepare you for important periods in your life and help you in starting up any business or career you choose.”

 He also joined the students in some interesting activities, as they gathered around him for a selfie photograph, which he promised to cherish always. 

 A highlight of the event was the interactive session between the Access Bank CEO and the students. Discussing with a student who explained that the school needed instructional facilities, Herbert Wigwe made a commitment to refurbish the school’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) laboratory.