Chude Jideonwo, Co Founder of The Future Awards Africa has a new book coming out titled,  “Are We The Turning Point Generation?” to be Released  in May 2014.  The book, which comes  from the stables of Farafina books, through it’s Kamsi imprint, is a literal tour de force of carefully laid out arguments in his witty conversational style.

Why do many Nigerian leaders ‘change’ once in office? Will the present generation of Nigerians do any better than its predecessors? Was Occupy Nigeria indeed a failure? Do we need a ‘Nigerian Dream’? Is ‘One Nigeria’ really worth it? These are some of the difficult questions raised in this thought provoking collection of essays on the paradox that is Nigeria.

Written with the keenness of youth but earnest and wise beyond its years, Are We the Turning Point Generation will resonate with young Nigerians while remaining relatable to previous generations. This book embodies the voice of a new breed of Nigerians willing to take a stand and do things differently. This collection of essays promises to inspire a new way of thinking, posing a challenge to Nigerians, young and old, to ‘pick a spot, and start digging’!

You should get a copy, when this hits the bookstores.