Participants at the 2019 Social Media Week Lagos joined Chude Jideonwo, the founder of Joy Inc. for a session focused on how young Nigerians can truly flourish and find fulfillment in chaos – especially in the age of social media.

Tagged ‘Stop Hustling; Signal in the Midst of the Social Media Storm’, the event which took place in 6 February, 2019 engaged the audience on the fundamentals of achieving happiness and building resilience, while leveraging on latest research and evidence on decision making processes integrated with personal stories and experiences on how humans can truly experience joy.

Jideonwo shared passages from the bestseller ‘21 Lessons for the 21st Century’ by Yuval Noah Harari, a book that explains how social and existential questions can impact humans worldwide.

He also shared principles based on how participants can live a life determined by their own choices, follow their path, and enjoy their journey by leveraging positive emotions, healthier habits, and powerful self-awareness practices.

“You are supposed to find where you thrive the most, how you thrive the most — how you learn, how you love, what you love, who you need, what makes your heart sing, and to do your best to stay true to that unique mix,” Jideonwo emphasized at the event.

The 1-hour class also featured a question-and-answer session where participants engaged the host on best ways to curate one’s experiences for joy, happiness, and positivity.