It was all about coming home as the Nigerian Idol top 6 were all about music from our shores as they took their song choices from the current hits flooding the Nigerian airwaves, all by Nigerian artists. Femi Sowoolu taking on the mantle of guest judge for the show, and for the first time, the contestants were paired up and singing duets.
Seyi Shay was the first artist covered, as Efezino performed her hit song ‘Loving Your Way’. It seemed she sold both the crowd and the judges on her performance because she was told by Jeffrey Daniel, “You were killing it on the chorus…a pleasant performance.” Yinka Davies followed up with, ‘It was more than pleasant I loved it!” And Femi Kuti gave his
seal of approval, telling her that she seemed really comfortable on stage.
Moses took a risk and sang ‘Oliver Twist’ by D’banj, but his risk paid off big time. Yinka said with a dramatic flourish, “My people of the Democratic Republic of Nigeria, I have a confession… I love it!!!” Femi Sowoolu told him, “When I first heard the song choice I turned and asked Yinka, “wow can he carry it?”…With that performance, you [have proven] you are the biggest threat of the competition.”
The show turned the heat on the contestants up a notch, by pairing contestants with each other to sing duets. Efezino and Abasiakan were the first pair, singing ‘Comforter’s Song’ by Asa and Jeremiah Gyang.
Then came Debbie Rise and Moses—‘Bottom Belle’ by Omawumi and Flavour was their song of choice. Lastly, Sefeeyat and Jayfeel sang ‘Without my Heart’ by Tiwa Savage and Don Jazzy.
Debbie Rise sang Chude K’s ‘Gaga’ and she got a rise from the in-house crowd. Femi Sowoolu told her, “The music industry is pretty intricate—your stage play is great, and with a name like Debbie Rise you’re half way there to being a star. I don’t think your voice quite carried your song, I don’t see how that song works for a lady as
beautiful as you.” Femi Kuti was more lenient and told her, “You’re an African girl; you’re beautiful, you’re sexy. Your performance was brave [and] you’ve got what it takes for as an entertainer. I’ll give you a
pass mark.”
JayFeel stepped onto the stage to sing ‘Azonto (Freestyle)’ by Wizkid.
Jeffrey Daniel told him, “The Naija pop song, club and dance scene, they are not really about vocal ability they are about entertainment, and you just gave us a great example of that.” Femi Sowoolu agreed, telling him “You hypnotised me. The juju wey you use hold my hand, must have been powerful because with all the other contestants who came out, I was writing notes!” Sefeeyat sang Omawumi’s ‘If you ask me’. It seemed to please the judges. Jeffrey said to her, “You did a great job, your performance was great. There were a couple of notes here and there, but overall, it was
a nice performance.” Yinka agreed telling her, “I loved the way you sang that song!” Raindrop by Tuface Idibia was the last song for the evening and it was Abasiakan who tried to do justice to the song. Yinka seemed to enjoy it
thoroughly telling him that she loved his vocal tone. Femi Sowoolu told him that, “I heard about you before I came to this show—people told me that you were one of the best on this show. You kind of proved it; what I see in you is natural talent but you need to become supernatural.”
So there you have it. The six contestants have sung on the show, and for one, it will be his/her very last time as a contestant. Who will be the last contestant left standing? Watch who makes it to the next stage on Saturday on NTA at 3:00pm, Sound City and ONTV at 7:00pm, Silverbird at 7:30pm, Superscreen at 6:30pm, TVC at 9:30pm and Real Star TV on Startimes at 9pm, to watch the results show.
Then, catch all-new performances on Sunday on NTA at 3:30pm, Sound City and ONTV at 7:00pm, Silverbird at 8:00 pm, TVC at 8:30 pm, Superscreen at 9:30pm and Real Star TV on Startimes at 9pm.
The top prize for this season is worth a superb $100,000, in which the lucky winner will get: 7.5 million naira in cash, a recording contract also worth 7.5 million naira, and a brand new SUV. Runner-ups will not be left out as they will be given prizes to the tune of 10 million naira.
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