After building up anticipation over the past couple of weeks, Omawumi comes out showing her fiery side in this music video to her latest work, ‘Me ke’ with everybody’s favourite lover boy, ‘Mama’ singer, Kiss Daniel.

Omawumi, in her usual knack for telling stories through her music, borrows this one, ‘Me Ke’, from the popular Nigerian (Itsekiri) folktale which tells this interesting story about a mourning dove who had a sad thing happen to ‘him’:

On his way back from a food hunt, the bird notices his only child (Kpoje) was killed by the eagle, he gets so mad and in return kills all the eagle’s children. Immediately this news went round the town, there was a meeting summoned by the elders to discuss this terrible act.

The bird explains “that when Kpoje was killed, I wasn’t upset (me o ke oo – me ke oo) now that I’m doing mine please don’t be mad as well!”

It’s a powerful tale, expertly expressed by Omawumi with the soothing interjections from Kiss Daniel.

Watch the full video below: