The second episode of Untold Facts will air today with host, Moses  Omoghena, engaging guests in a discussion focused on the damaging  effects of the anti-gay law and other forms of discriminating laws in  Nigeria.

Guests on this episode were Ijeoma Akwiwu, a legal practitioner, and Ayo  Sogunro, a legal practitioner and human rights activists.

Together, the trio discussed how the same sex marriage prohibition law  (SSMP), an eight section law which is not part of the Nigerian  Constitution, got accelerated hearing and was passed into law without following due process.

When asked about her perception of the SSMP law, Ijeoma said, “I think  it was just a bunch of mischievous individuals who sat down to put  together the law.”

While citing her displeasure on how lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender are being treated, she said that “one act can change a lot  of things”. “As Nigerians, we shouldn’t just wait till the cases are  many before we do something about it, it starts from the everyday act,”  she added.

In his words Ayo said, “For me, any form of social injustice is just wrong, the society should be a place where everyone is equal before the  law irrespective of your positioning, your status, your family or your  background.”

He urged every Nigerian to understand that their rights as citizens and how important it is to pay more attention to this.

He further added, “Democracy should be balanced by rights, it shouldn’t  be a tyranny of reality, the majority and minority should have their  say, there should be a balance.” Watch full show HERE