Lagos is booming with commercial activities. As a result, businesses that will stand out and get the attention of the over 14 million people living in Lagos State will need effective and efficient public relations agencies in Lagos.

What businesses in Lagos really need are PR and Customer Experience agencies that drive agenda, build movements and turn audiences into raving fans.

Red Media Africa, for example, is one PR agency in Lagos, Nigeria, that has played this role for several brands across the country, leveraging integrated communication to help brands build lasting identities, lowest-risk winning strategies to boost sales, human resource, business productivity, and even inclusion and diversity to help clients across industries implement programs or improve on existing ones that create maximum value.

One tool this PR agency makes use of the most is social media. Take, for instance, the Heineken Credential Campaign that broke the internet with earned social media updates on top Nigerian social media platforms. The credential ads were featured on MTV Base, amplified by over 40 Instagram accounts, had 85% positive comments on the Credential video posted on blogs and social media platforms, as well as over 40 website mentions.

This impressive feat led to the agency being recognised as the Winner of The Sabre Award, the World’s largest PR awards programme, recognising superior achievement in branding and reputation for The Food and Beverage Category, 2018.


Several other high-level brands have been beneficiaries of Red Media’s expertise in public relations, some of which include Mitsubishi, Access Bank, Lipton, amongst others.

With the high success rates of campaigns, visibility and social media presence that these brands have experienced over the years, it is evident that businesses in Lagos will thrive if they take advantage of public relations agencies within Lagos.