Saturday’s edition of Nigerian Idol saw contestant Efezino say her goodbyes to the show as she failed to get into the top 5. “What?!” You
say? The guy with the mediocre voice and equally mediocre dance skills is still in the running? How did that happen?

To be fair, when JayFeel is not running around and he takes his time to stand still and sing, he has some real talent buried (deep, deep, DEEP,
down) somewhere, and it is resurrected on occasion to prevent every performance from being a total train wreck. However, it seems that time
and time again, he has been praised for his occasional moonwalk, back flips, and his singing is often glossed over—more often than not because
vocally he is outmatched by his fellow competitors.

So is Nigerian Idol becoming a form over substance affair? Thankfully, no. Sunday night saw Dare Art Alade bring the hammer down on the
singer/performer, telling him that at this level of this kind of show,his vocal abilities needed to be at the fore, not his dancing. JayFeel
performed Luther Vandross’s song, ‘If I Didn’t Know Better’, and the classic ‘Taxi Driver’ song, and while he put on his usual song and dance
performance, it seems the judges were not moved.

Dare was equally critical of Abasiakan’s first performance of Luther’s ‘I’d Rather’, telling Abasiakan he needed to be more connected with the
audience. The regular judges agreed with the megastar most of the time on his critiques, even though they had moments of dissent. Now that the
show is counting down (it all comes to a close in one month), the judges are making sure that they give the contestants the home truth about what
it takes to be a Nigerian Idol.

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