Pepsodent, a leading global toothpaste brand in partnership with the Nigerian Dental Association (NDA) and the Federal Ministry of Healthcelebrated the World Health Day on Tuesday, 20 March, 2018 at The Arcade, Eko Club, Surulere, Lagos.

Themed ‘Say Ahh: Think Mouth, Think Health’, the celebration was a culmination of events organised by the brand, focused on raising awareness on oral health and encouraging good oral care habits. 

2,000 Nigerian children were joined by the Unilever Ghana Nigeria Leadership Team, Nigerian Dental Association President, Dr Bode Ijarogbe, representatives of the Lagos State Commisioner of Health, Deputy Governor of Lagos state, Honourable Minister of state for Health, Honourable Minister of Health, First Lady of Lagos state, President and Founder of Well Being Foundation Africa, HOFOWEM Initiative and other dignatories, in an epic global battle to combat tooth decay, by pledging to brush every day, morning and night.

“Tooth decay is a widespread disease that affects both adults and children, and Pepsodent has taken the lead to fight this disease, by teaching children from an early age, the habit of brushing right, morning and night, every day. Pepsodent intends on educating over 1.5 million Nigerian children in 2018.” said Bunmi Adeniba, Unilever Marketing Director Ghana Nigeria.

“The fight against tooth decay and other oral diseases is one we can win, as long as we keep spreading the message of good oral hygiene. As part of our continuous efforts to fight oral diseases in Nigeria, Pepsodent has partnered with the Federal Ministry of Health to educate 10 million school children by 2020, on the adoption of good oral care habits. We have recognised that children are powerful behaviour change advocates in their homes, often driving conversation and action with parents and peers around issues like this.” she concluded.

“We need to empower Nigerians to take control of their oral health, so that they can enjoy a truly functional and enjoyable lifestyle from childhood into adulthood, hence our support to Unilever Nigeria Plc. and our collective commitment to fight tooth decay in Nigeria,” said Dr. Bode Ijarogbe, President, Nigerian Dental Association.

 “It is important to note that the mouth must be healthy for the body to be healthy, and that is why we are on a mission to ensure that more people are aware of the need to take proper care of their mouth.” he concluded.

Oral diseases are amongst the most common diseases worldwide. It can be prevented by brushing twice a day (morning and night), with a fluoride toothpaste like Pepsodent.

The World Oral Health Day was celebrated in grand style by Pepsodent. There were free dental check-ups for everyone, various educative, entertaining and engaging activities like spelling bee, dance competition, talent hunt, oral health drama presentation by the children, amongst others.