The Managing Partner of Red Media Group, Chude Jideonwo, has been invited to speak at the first valedictory event of INDIAFRICA titled, ‘A Shared Future’, holding on Tuesday September 25 at the City Hall.
Mr. Jideonwo will be interacting with students, professionals and entrepreneurs in an interactive session that celebrates the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the youth.
The shared future programme aims to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth and is a unique people-to-people and youth outreach programme that seeks to create a platform for students and professionals across Africa and India to collaborate through competitions, and creative exchanges.
The programme will include presentations, speeches, awards and end with a music performance by young band, Quantum Vibes. The presentation will involve 9 teams from India and Africa including Nigeria, chosen from the inaugural INDIAFRICA Business Venture Competition and will cover categories such as; Business Venture, Poster Design, Essay Writing, Photography.
The event is organized by INDIAFRICA.