Volunteer Associates are valuable members of #TeamRED who work with our full time staff to blaze trails, reach millions and change the world all at once!

Since inception in 2010, Red Media Africa (#TeamRED) has given several high-flying young and experienced professionals the opportunity to contribute their skills while learning first-hand the dynamics of working with other thought leaders in a new age media enterprise.

 Why We Do This

#TeamRED is passionate about building a new generation of superstars across Africa’s media space!

 What We Look For

Volunteer Associates (VA) and Senior Volunteer Associates (SVA) pile on the excitement, bring forth the creative, achieve goals with discipline and push boundaries! They are highly talented and have experience working in dynamic, multicultural environments. They join us along two broad roles:

  • Volunteer Associate: Undergraduates or new graduates, on their Year Out or School Break who commit to working for 3 months, 6 months or a year.
  • Senior Volunteer Associate: Professionals with at least 3 years post-graduate work experience who bring their experience to strengthen our processes and commit to working for 3 months, 6 months or a year.

Based on an assessment of applicants’ skills and interests, VAs or SVAs are selected to work on one or a combination of the following premium brands:

  • The Future Awards Africa
  • YNaija.com
  • YNaija2015.com
  • Y! Africa – The Magazine
  • Teen Y!
  • Y! TV, including the flagship Rubbin’ Minds
  • Red Communication, the PR & Communication company – adding value to incredible brands like Guinness, the Nigeria LNG, House of Tara, EbonyLife TV, Ndani TV and more!
  • Red Marketing, the marketing and business development company

Apply now!

Through a competitive and rigorous process, we select VAs and SVAs whose background, skills and personality fits our unique culture. If you are seeking freedom from the norm, and want to employ your experiences and skills to take on the next frontier of Africa’s media space, please apply now to join #TeamRED.

 What we require:

  • CV/ Resume
  • A cover letter titled ‘Why #TeamRED’, telling us (in 200 words or less) why you would like to be a Volunteer Associate or Senior Volunteer Associate and how you envision your time with us.
  • A photo, video, article or presentation that captures your essence and will catch our attention… be creative!

Send your application now to [email protected] – we’re waiting!