Tracy, Nkoyo, Hycinth, Seun, Joseph, Monday,Brukeme

At RED, we are committed to constant development of our people at all levels.

8 team members namely: Tracy Ifidon, Nkoyo Eze, Monday Ughele, Hyincth Iyerosa, Sylvester Okrupe, Seun Oluyemi, Joseph Lokossu and Brukeme Dickson were participants of the Set 29 (DLA) Basic Leadership Course which held from 1 June -12 June, 2015.

The training was packed with courses ranging from Family success, project management, Leadership, systems development, Excellence oriented, Success habit.

See below what team members involved had to say about it.

Seun Oluyemi; “The training has been worth the time. What I’ve learnt will be useful to me in my place of work and beyond”

Monday Ughele : “It has done a lot for me. Got plenty knowledge, e.g. how to talk to people in the office, strangers, how to relate with them, not shouting all the time, saying thank you, managing my finances. I gained a lot.I’m very happy. A very big thank you to CJ.”

Joseph Lokossou; Very fine training, learnt how to relate with people well, wisdom to open my wife’s shop.

Hycinth Iyereosa: “Training has impacted me so much. It’s the best time for me. Time he’s been thinking of how to equip myself, develop myself to be effective and believes he won’t remain d same in his decision making, thinking. One word, he won’t remain the same. Appreciates the management for this.” 

Nkoyo Eze; “It’s been refreshing and very insightful: An eye opener. Lots of things I knew but didn’t know how to apply them. A leader needs this training as you find out certain things aren’t peculiar to you but common to everyone.”

Brukeme Dickson; “It’s has been refreshing especially the morning devotion‎. My head’s clear every morning before we start. Lectures have been impacting and eye opening. One word for me, it’s been refreshing.”

Tracy Ifidon; “It’s been a great and awesome experience. Three highlights for me; Personal Transformation by Pastor Sam Adeyemi, Family Success by Pastor Tunde Adisa and The Supernatural by Pastor Kayode. Trainings on leadership, organisational growth, a whole lot. This goes far beyond my career, has affected my personal life also and my ministry. A transforming training.

One word from all of us…. Whoooooooshhhhhh!!!

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Tracy, Brukeme, Seun, Nkoyo


Hycinth and Tracy