In recent times, financial service providers and customers alike have been faced with the persistent problem of e-banking frauds. As technology has evolved, society has become more sophisticated, and fraudsters have gained more dexterity in the act of swindling people of their hard-earned money. From skimming to phishing and card swapping, fraudsters have acquired many tactics to cleverly divest unsuspecting customers of their funds.


Of all the common tactics contained in the arsenals of fraudsters, ‘card swapping’ has become one of the most rampant in recent times. With ‘card swapping’, fraudsters obtain and swap ATM cards from unsuspecting victims by distracting them as they use, ATMs or, feign concern when customers encounter difficulties while transacting and offering assistance.


To prevent more customers from falling prey to this tactic, Africa’s largest retail bank, Access Bank PLC, has outlined security tips to educate its users on how to protect their cards against fraudulent activities. Some of these are;


I. Before you slot in your card, ensure you have the privacy of some meters as you Ensure there is no stranger close to you as you use the ATM.

II. If you cannot retrieve your card from the ATM or notice suspicious moves, immediately put a call through to the call center: 0127120057 or visit the nearest branch for card blockage.

III. Request the assistance of the branch manager if you encounter some challenges at the ATM. Never seek help from strangers nor hand over your card to anyone, even the security guard.

IV. After your transaction, remember to retrieve your card and receipt (if you requested for one) before exiting the premises.


While these measures are put in place to ensure customers engage with smartness, Access Bank continues to solidify its position as an anti-fraud leading agent, equipping its

customers with measures to protect themselves while providing avenues through its communicative channels to guarantee unrivalled services.


If you suspect your privacy being threatened as you use the ATM, abort the transaction as quickly as possible and exit the area. If your mobile device has been stolen, immediately dial *901*911# from any available phone to deactivate your USSD profile. Thereafter, call: 01-2712005-7 to report the incident. You can also send a mail to [email protected] or speak directly to a banking agent using the direct message feature across the Bank’s verified social media handles.


If your card has been stolen or misplaced, block it immediately using the AccessMore app. Additionally, never reveal or share sensitive information such as your BVN, PIN, CVV, One-Time Password(OTP) or your 16-digit card number with anyone.


Stay safe, be vigilant, be fraud smart!