Election season is almost upon us again, and the electrifying build-up grows with each day. As the countdown to the ballot box begins, the anticipation is palpable. The wave of election excitement has not missed Mary Ndlovu in BET Africa’s Original Daily Drama ISONO that airs Monday to Thursday on BET Africa (DStv Channel 129, GOtv Channel 21) at 20:30 WAT/21:30 CAT.

Mary Ndlovu, popularly known as Mother Mary, has decided that she wants to join the local government elections and run for a councillorship position in her neighbourhood. This is no doubt one of her many underhanded schemes but will the community be able to see through her plans? Since the disappearance of the man she claims to love, Mary has been riding this wave in the eyes of Vosloo’s community and uses it as a ploy to get people’s sympathy and pity. She has a knack for dodging accountability but will it catch up with her eventually? Only time will tell where her path will lead.

The idea to run for council was sparked when someone mentioned that the community needs a leader like Mary Ndlovu to run for office. After careful consideration, she settles on the idea. She decides to centre her whole campaign around fighting crime, and herein lies the irony as she has been the mastermind behind the crimes in the neighbourhood. This is the perfect cover-up for all her shady dealings and deeds.

To effectively sell the idea to the community, she will need Lili as her right-hand support, so Mary comes across as a genuine, community leader that cares about the people of Vosloorus. Her campaign is in full effect as she continues to gain support from the locals. They are in the process of developing posters and conceptualising slogans for her campaign while running it from the church, so it further instils the perfect perception in the eyes of the public. She truly is a master of deception as we witness her plotting and scheming to make this her ultimate ploy and cover-up by using politics and religion as the veil she hides her evil behind.

As the elections draw closer, Mary continues to manipulate the public into believing that she is a woman of stature that is trying to clean up the streets of Vosloorus and make it a better place. She eagerly wants to rise to the top again and rub it in the faces of her enemies and in the end, the community will lose.

Love her or hate her, but you have to appreciate Mary for her tenacity and determined will. When she has set her sights on something, she makes it her sole purpose to achieve it. Her latest endeavour promises to be one that will be compelling and thrilling as we witness her journey to the ballot box.

Will she be able to win over the hearts and minds of the community and eventually win the elections? Will she eventually be exposed for the fraud that she is and pay for her sins? To find out tune in to ISONO exclusively on BET Africa DStv channel 129, where Dark Secrets Lead to Deadly Sins, Monday to Thursday on BET Africa (DStv Channel 129) at 20:30 WAT/21:30 CAT.

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