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RED Managing Partner to speak at Indiafrica Youth Programme in Lagos.

The Managing Partner of Red Media Group, Chude Jideonwo, has been invited to speak at the first valedictory event of INDIAFRICA titled, ‘A Shared Future’, holding on Tuesday September 25 at the City Hall.
Mr. Jideonwo will be interacting with students, professionals and entrepreneurs in an interactive session that celebrates the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the youth.
The shared future programme aims to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth and is a unique people-to-people and youth outreach programme that seeks to create a platform for students and professionals across Africa and India to collaborate through competitions, and creative exchanges.
The programme will include presentations, speeches, awards and end with a music performance by young band, Quantum Vibes. The presentation will involve 9 teams from India and Africa including Nigeria, chosen from the inaugural INDIAFRICA Business Venture Competition and will cover categories such as; Business Venture, Poster Design, Essay Writing, Photography.
The event is organized by INDIAFRICA.

Where do adult baby savages eat Kabin Bizkit? In Calabar, at theNigeria’s Got Talent auditions.

Nigeria does indeed have talents; the half of it has not yet been told. TheNigeria’s Got Talent Season 1 auditions train made its third stop on Tuesday,August 7, 2012 in Calabar, the Cross River State capital, after very successful outings last week in Abuja and Enugu.

Hopefuls from the nook and crannies of Cross River and Akwa Ibom Statesthronged Monty Suites, Calabar, where the audition held, to exhibit their God-given talents and stand a chance of winning the N10 million grand prize. Just like in the FCT and Enugu, the Calabar audition attracted a rich and diverse array of characters.

Some of the stand-out acts who tried out in Calabar include ‘Adult Babies’Teddy White and Bobby Black from the Nigerian Political Infant Preparatory Nursery and Primary School, Wuse, who performed an unusual kind of comedy they called ‘cartoon comedy’. These graduates of engineering drew comparisons with Nollywood stars Aki and Pawpaw.

There was also the generator repairer, Edet, who displayed gracefulathleticism on the skateboard. Edet, who says he’s an ambassador of the sport, trains over 100 skaters in Calabar pro-bono. Stand-up comedian and clown, Kabin Bizkit, who arrived the audition venue with an entourage of well wishers, as well as dance group, The Savages, with their brand of “hard hip-hop,” also displayed in a bid to win the nod of the judges.

The show’s producer, Debbie Schulman, was effusive in her praise of the “creativity of those who auditioned in Calabar”. She particularly commended the dance acts, “who fused drama, acrobatics and stunts into their display and showed brilliant thinking and storytelling”.

Nigeria’s Got Talent, which is in its debut season, will make its next stop in the Garden City of Port Harcourt on Thursday, August 9 at the Beverly Hills Hotel, GRA, before moving to Warri, Benin and Ibadan on the 11th, 13th and 16th. Lagos will be the final stop on the 18th and 19th of August.

With the popular Got Talent franchise now in Nigeria, gifted Nigerians, irrespective of gender or age have the opportunity to showcase their talents and stand a chance of winning N10 million while at it. The talent does not have to be the conventional, as everything from fire eating to acrobatics is allowed.

Interested Nigerians can register on

The show, which would run on terrestrial from July to December, is sponsored by telecommunications giant, Airtel. It is definitely one to watch out for.

This ship is sinking, yes – so what do we do?

Being an address given by Chude Jideonwo, executive director of The Future Project at The Future Awards 2012, Port Harcourt, Rivers

It occurred to me for the first time as I sat in the car’s front seat and felt my father’s cold corpse in the back seat in May 2007. The nurses at the Ikorodu General Hospital had just said no to his body. He had died from heart failure an hour or two before. They needed a police report.

I could hardly believe the utter coldness of it. But I had yet to see – or hear – the worst. Because I am born and bred in Nigeria, I knew that, at 11pm, the body of my dear father might rot if I sat there pondering the inanity of the request or stood up to argue its inhumanity, so I led the convoy to the nearest police station.

There, with the most pointed lack of compassion I had ever witnessed up onto that point, the police proceeded to haggle with themselves over how much they would extract from a 24-year-old who had just lost his father – a father whose dead body was only a few meters away.

As they dropped my father’s body in that unkempt, abominable mortuary (one in which I had to tip the caretaker daily on my way to work so that the corpse would not be left to decompose), I could only think of what an abominable country I was so unfortunate to come from, and to live in.

I recalled that scene as I came across pictures of rotten corpses stacked on each other in a room – victims of June’s Dana Crash; “rotting carcasses of human beings stacked on each other, fluids mingling.”

That is when it hit me. We are living like animals in this country. I remember my father – and how he, and I, were treated so terribly because our country does not care for any one.

These Dana Crash dead bodies weren’t victims of a serial killer locked in a room for months or of a brutal civil war with shut-down health-care services – these were citizens of a country, who had just been visited by their president a day before, nonetheless treated in death with relentless disrespect. They had been killed by their country – and it couldn’t even pack their bodies well.

It could have been you, or me. It’s not just that it could have been me. That’s not the worst part. This is the worst part: I could have been the one in that flight waiting for 20 minutes after a fatal crash; sitting there in mind-numbing agony, knowing the plane would soon explode and kill me because I live in a country where emergency services would arrive only about an hour after, and people will die who could have been saved.

That’s the part that gets me. And as I watched officials scramble to protect their irrelevant jobs so that they could make enough money to buy First Class tickets on airlines that might crash and kill their children tomorrow, I realized how hopeless we had become as Nigerians.

So I ask myself; why are we still in Nigeria – a country that does not deserve many of us – even when we have a choice? Why are we not like the generation that left town? Why are we living in a country that cannot protect us, has not supported us, will not satisfy us?

The logical thing to do is to leave fastest way we can; once the opportunity that turns up. But we stay and we come back, because e go better, because it is well, because God dey; because somehow somehow we think we can survive it; maybe even improve it .

But let’s tell ourselves the truth – many of you in this hall have already given up on Nigeria. Many of us are convinced that this ship is sinking, this country cannot change. We do not trust our politicians, but that is even cliché. We do not trust the activists. Everyone is seen as searching for a piece of that national cake. That’s what we have become as a country: an unending race for a part of that cake.

It is difficult to have faith in this kind of country; difficult to tell yourself with a straight face that you are proud of being a Nigerian. Proud of what? A country where accusations fly over bribery and both the accuser and the accused are walking free, where dead men are found in Emir’s palaces, pastors chant songs of war, men go into churches in Jos and gun down hundreds. Thousands die on the highways without acknowledgement, power deadlines are postponed without consequences, a country where its president, accused of lacking transparency, could say to his people ‘I don’t give a damn?’

It is difficult to have faith even when you look at the young people – scrambling for crumbs of the table, buffeted by the need to avoid the poverty of their fathers, changing principle on whim just like those before them; perpetuating scams in the name of advocacy, running businesses long on hype and short on substance. It is difficult to have faith in that kind of country. It is herculean to believe in it. It is almost impossible to be proud of it.

We doubt ourselves all the time, believe in the worst of the other, convinced that they are the enemy, that success is driven by fraud, passion driven by the percuniary; it’s every man for himself. It is understandable – this is a country where we have placed hopes in so many time and again, and they have disappointed us. We thought we had people with their hearts in the right place, only to find their eyes were always on their pockets.

No, Nigeria, is not a great country. It wasn’t great yesterday it isn’t great today. It can be great, it should be great, it could have been great, and if we sit down and get serious, it will be great.

After the Dana Crash, I gave up hope in this country; I lost my faith, I struggled with my love. But two day later, I was back working for the country, and that is the real story.

It is okay to fall out of love, it is okay to hate that love every once in a while, it is okay to condemn, to criticise, to react, to fight, to protest, to demand; but you must return to loving it, you must return to being pained

It is the reason despite Governor Amaechi spending two hours debating fiercely with us that our generation is only interested in continuing the “chopping”, he decided that it is crucial to get the brightest of that generation here to inspire the young people in Rivers State and across Nigeria – moving it from an idea in 2006 that couldn’t even pay for the hall in which it held to a movement in 2012 that has taken over this Port Harcourt.

It’s because beneath a tough talking governor lies a tender spot for his country and its future – and I see it daily across this country even from the lips of those who curse it. Even in those who appear to be ripping the country to shreds, every once in a while you see that wistfulness for what might have been.

But, this is the good news, it is not too late. I do not come as a prophet of cliché, I come here as a student of history because other countries have done it. This shipping is sinking, but it hasn’t yet sunk. As long as we are in Nigeria, as long as Nigerians live in Nigeria and work in Nigeria, and fight for Nigeria, and refuse to give up on Nigeria, there is hope.

We cannot ever lose that pain that we should feel for a country that continues to fail us. No matter how disappointed we are in our country, we cannot abandon it. We cannot use Nigeria as an excuse to fail Nigeria.

Pehaps we should handle Nigeria the way a mother handles a drug-addicted child – with tough love sometimes, with deliberate gentility at other times; demanding at one time, encouraging at the other.

Listen guys, we are all we’ve got, and this should be the Turning Point Generation.

I don’t come here to excite you; I come here so we can encourage one another. I come here to remind us that, after all said and done, you and I are still here. And ‘cause we are still here, we have no choice but to keep working.

Let’s keep the faith. If we stumble, let’s rise. When we fall, let’s rebound. Let’s refuse to let Nigeria go, let’s insist that it must work. Let’s keep working until it changes; let’s keep changing until we tear down these walls.

Because we can. Because we have no choice. Because we love this land.

God bless Nigeria.

*Parts of this speech have been reproduced from a previous article by the author on

Fashion, Music and Inspiration! When The Future Awards Nominees Reception held in style in Lagos

it was a night of entertainment, fashion, and recognition of exceptional hardwork as the prestigious The Future Awards hosted its annual Nominees Reception for Season 7.

The media and VIP event which was anchored by BBA 2011 Winner Uti Nwachukwu and Venita was a gathering of 168 leaders, innovators, change-makers, and entrepreneurs nominated for this year’s The Future Awards amongst other guests. “We are impressed with the people nominated in all categories this season. Bringing them together in a gathering to honor and show them to the world excites us and we glad the show was excellent,” said Ohimai Atafo who chairs the Central Working Committee of the Awards.

Nominees were presented with certificates of nomination by judges of the awards, led by Pastor Ituah Ighodalo. Adebola Williams, one of the organizers of The Future Awards officially declared during the reception that The Down Syndrome Foundation of Nigeria will be the selected charity for 2012. The Down Syndrome Foundation of Nigeria also made a moving presentation that was shown to the audience.

There were musical performances from a few of Nigeria’s young and hottest artistes such as E.M.E, first lady, Niyola, who performed two of her hit tracks. Also fast-rising, 2008 finalist of MTN Project Fame, Praiz performed his latest track, ‘Rich and Famous’. The last and most exciting performance of the night was delivered by the small-but-mighty, Project Fame Season 3 Winner, Chidinma, who brought the house down with her hit single, ‘Kedike.’

There was a fashion show to launch The Future Awards ‘Get Your Green On!’ fashion campaign with designers Sally Bawa, Violet Kutor, Elder, Moofa and Phunk Afrique. As a means of raising money for The Down Syndrome Foundation of Nigeria, Vickky Elder designed an outfit that was auctioned at the reception.

RED Managing Partner to speak at Akure Aspire Interactive Seminar


The Managing Partner of Red Media Group, Chude Jideonwo has been invited as a Speaker at the Akure Aspire Interactive Seminar holding on Friday, August 3, 2012 to speak on the theme/topic: “”Be Your Own Boss: The innovation of a creative mind.”

The programme is an informal/interactive empowerment and motivational seminar. The lecture will address issues on entrepreneur, idea generating skill, proposal packing and presentation/business pitching. There will be question and answer time at the end of the seminar.

Other speakers at the seminar are Jimi Tewe (CEO of Inspiro Consulting, a Career Services & Human Resource Management), Dayo Israel (one of the Africa’s leading authorities on Social Entreprise and Youth Development), Francis Anyaegbu (CEO at Outbox Consulting) and Oludare Akinlaja (Executive Director Potential Development Institute.)

The seminar is organized Aspire Interactive and FUTA (Federal University of Akure).

5 Things Potential Customers Want to Hear

Through the economic downturn of the past few years, organizations have become ever leaner. Employees with valuable experience have been bought off, downsized, or reassigned. This leaves a new generation of decision makers with less time, experience, and market intelligence with which to make important decisions. What they want is for you to provide a level of insight that will make them personally and organizationally more effective. The companies and salespeople who can do this become trusted advisors–a relationship that is key to the sales process.
Want to win a buyer’s attention and secure that company’s business? Make sure you can talk intelligently about these five topics.


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RED Managing Partner to give Keynote Speaker to IRPM Graduation Class of his alma mater, University of Lagos


The Managing Partner of Red Media Group, Chude Jideonwo has been invited as the Keynote Speaker at the (IRPM) Seminar and Symposium holding on Thursday, July 26, 2012, to speak on the theme: “I’m a Graduate…..What next? The topic of the symposium is: Entrepreneur is my passion, how do I go about it?

The programme is focused on equipping the final year students with the skills needed for the work place and also to empower the aspiring entrepreneur with adequate knowledge required to succeed.

There are three different category of symposium which centers on career building, entrepreneurship and talent discovery. Other discussants on the topic of Entrepreneurship are discussing are Bankole Williams (UK Certified Life Coach and Employee Engagement Expert) and Ayo Animashaun.

This event is organized by Industrial Relations and Personnel Management Students Association (IRPM), UNILAG Chapter.

RED Managing Partner to speak at Health Week Symposium.


The Managing Partner of Red Media Group, Chude Jideonwo has been invited as a speaker at the Health Week Symposium holding on Wednesday, July 18, 2012, to speak on the theme: Leadership in Entrepreneurship.

It is a five day programme that runs from July 16 till July 20, 2012 and it consists of various events ranging from; Cultural Awareness, Make Over, Symposium, Community Outrage and Dinner/Award Night.

Other speakers at the symposium are; Ituah Ighodalo (Founder of Ighodalo & Co.), Olateju Olayinka (Talkshow host and Comedian) and Enefiokudo- Obong (CEO Fitness Options.) The Venue is New Great Hall, LUTH, Idi Araba.

This event is organized by University of Lagos Association of Physiotherapy Students (ULAPS).




RED Managing Partner, Keynote speaker at USAID/IRI Social Media Training Workshop



The Managing Partner of Red Media Group, Chude Jideonwo will be the Keynote Speaker at the IRI Social Media Training Workshop holding Monday, July 16, 2012.


He will be discussing about own use of social media for advocacy, and building coalitions with other advocacy groups online. This flows from his unique experience as a new media owner through YNaija, running a new media agency through Red Media and being executive director of The Future Projector as well as founder of Enough is Enough Nigeria. The event will also feature lecture and workshop sessions.


It is organized by United States Agency International Development (USAID) and International Republican Institute (IRI ).


Don Jazzy, Davido, Ladi Delano, Linda Ikeji, Toju Foyeh, Gossy Ukanwoke and others make the Nominees List for The Future Awards 2012 – See The Full Line-Up! VOTING STARTS IMMEDIATELY


As always, it’s the most anticipated list this year! The Future Awards, described by the World Bank as “The Nobel Prize for Young Africans”, after unveiling its spectacular Young Person of the Year nominees earlier this week, has now released the full Nominees List for all 21 categories.

Voting begins immediately! The voting numbers are 33120 (All networks) for Nigeria, and 1523 (Expresso & MTN), 1910 (Airtel) for Ghana. You can also vote on According to the organisers, voting takes only 50% of the second stage of judging, so winners are not selected by voting popularity – there is a 4-stage judging process involving a Board of Judges and an Independent Audit Committee. There is also a one-week period for members of the public to make complaints about any of the nominees to the awards Central Working Committee (CWC). Please send complaints to [email protected].

All the nominees will be celebrated at an invitation-only media and VIP Nominees Reception on Saturday, 4 August 2012 – where they will also be inducted into the elite The Future Alumni Network. The Reception is also a yearly charity fundraiser – and this year, the event will be raising money for the Down Syndrome Association of Nigeria, a pioneering advocacy platform for children with Down’s Syndrome.

“Though there were remarkable difficulties in getting young leaders and entrepreneurs closer to 20 than 30, but we are excited to have yet arrived at an inspiring run-down of young Nigerians,” said Chude Jideonwo, who is executive director of The Future Project. “We gave ourselves the tough task of finding innovators, entrepreneurs and the kinds of young people you don’t always hear about, which is the essence of The Future Awards and we are as always, incredibly proud of the nominees we have.”

Profiles of the nominees will be published on the official website and on by July 31, 2012. Let the race begin!


*Note that, due to the adjusted The Future Awards calendar (it was moved from its traditional January to August, the period in review is October 2010 – May 2012. Nominees who were still 31 years as at March 2011 (six months into the period in review) are therefore eligible.


Best Use of Advocacy

  1. Ferdinand Adimefe (Interface Foundation)                     28
  2. Olumide Makanjuola (The Initiative for Equal Rights) 25
  3. Orode Jade Uduaghan (Pink Pearl Cancer Foundation) 22
  4. Adamma Umeofia            (WeBuilt: Nigeria)                                   20
  5. Chizoba Imoka (Unveiling Africa Foundation)                 25
  6. Esther Agbarakwe (Nigerian Youth Climate Coalition) 28
  7. Priscilla Usiobaifo            (Brave Heart Initiative)                                    28
  8. Babafemi Oyediran (Rural Enterprise Development

Project)                                                                                            29

Best Use of New Media

  1. Japheth Omojuwa                                                                                    28
  2. Gidi Traffic                                                                                      22
  3. Ediong Umoh                                                                                 25
  4. #OccupyNigeria                                                                            26
  5. #SaveOke                                                                                        28
  6. Beacons                                                                                           29
  7. Nmachi Jidenma                                                                           24
  8. Wale Adetula                                                                                 27


Creative Artist Of The Year

  1. Obi Somto (Photographer)                                                       23
  2. Bayo Omoboriowo (Photographer)                                      25
  3. Chibundo Onuzo (Writer)                                                        21
  4. Bobo Omotayo (Writer)                                                                        29
  5. Imole Balogun (Photographer)                                              23
  6. Remi Adegbite       (Photographer)                                        30
  7. Onyeka Nwelue (Writer)                                                          30
  8. Mohammed Abbagana   (Painter)                                          26

Designer of the Year

  1. Adebisi Anita (Ms Makor)                                                         23
  2. Kola Kudus (Kola Kudus)                                                         30
  3. Olorunyomi Omoniyi Makun (Yomi Casuals)                   27
  4. Toluwaloju Olowofoyeku (Toju Foyeh)                              23
  5. Osakwe Amaka (Maki Oh)                                                        26
  6. Rukky Ladoja/Obi Obi/Tola Ayanwale (Grey)                 27/29/27
  7. Ugonna Omeruo (House of Nwocha)                                               28
  8. Akpos Okudu (Akpos Okudu)                                                 25



  1. Akin Rotimi            (Ekiti State Governor’s Office)                        31
  2. Banks Omisore (National Assembly)                                                29
  3. Chime Asonye (The Presidency)                                           26
  4. Ohimai Amaize (Ministry of Sports)                                     31
  5. John Gomiluk Otokwala (Securities and Exchange

Commission)                                                                                28

  1. Adaeze Nnamani (Ministry of National Planning)          31
  2. The Corper (National Youth Service Corps)                      All ages
  3. Hadiza Abdullahi (The Presidency)                                      31


  1. Chiemelie Ezeobi  (Thisday)                                                    24
  2. Tolu Ogunlesi (NEXT/Forbes Africa)                                   29
  3. Alkasim Abdulkadir (CNN)                                                      31
  4. Toyosi Ogunseye  (The Punch)                                               29
  5. Oluyinka Ezekiel Adeparusi (National Mirror)                30
  6. Tomi Oladipo (BBC)                                                                    27
  7. Barnabas Hunjo (Radio Nigeria)                                            28
  8. Elo Nkereuwem (NEXT/Premium Times)                         31


  1. Adim Isiakpona (Marketing Manager, HP)                                    27
  2. Seyi Ogunro (Associate, Banwo & Ighodalo)                     29
  3. Aneto Okonkwo (Manager, Google)                                      27
  4. Ngozi Nkwoji (Senior Brand Manager, NB Plc)                30
  5. Tomiwa Adesida (Head of CSR, Sahara Group)                32
  6. Tomijogun Ogunlesi (Campus Brand Manager, Reckitt

Benckiser)                                                                                      28

  1. Kayode Jegede       (General Manager/Head of Facility

Management, Deux Project)                                                    30

  1. Tokini Peterside (Communication Manager, Moet

Hennessy)                                                                                       24


Science and Technology

  1. Ahmed Mukoshy (                                                      23
  2. Nnoduka Eruchalu (                                         22
  3. Olumide Adewunmi (Gidilounge)                                         27
  4. Zubair Abubakar  (Nigerian Constitution BlackBerry

App)                                                                                                  32

  1. Chinwe Njokwu (Novel designs for microwave antennas using

Nanomaterials)                                                                                         27

  1. Seun Onigbinde (BudgIT)                                                         26
  2. Femi Alade  (Pliris Mobile)                                                       30
  3. Raheem Temitope Bello            (geoUtil, a solution for 70%

current household energy consumption)                          19


  1. Gossy Ukanwoke  (Beni Online University)                       24
  2. Iyinoluwa Aboyeji (Bookneto)                                               21
  3. Tosin Jegede (One Child, One Book)                                     31
  4. Adebayo Adegbembo (ASA)                                                     29
  5. Otto Orondaam (Slum to School Project)                            26
  6. Desiree Craig (Efiko)                                                                  23
  7. Tolulope Sangosanya (Love on the Streets)                       30
  8. Obinna Okwodu (Robotic teaching in secondary

schools)                                                                                           21



  1. Oyigoye Doyle (Nylahs Catering)                                           30
  2. Kola Oyeneyin (Venia Business Hub)                                  31
  3. Titus and Tobias Igwe (Speadmeals Mobile Kitchen)    24
  4. Aisha Maina (Aquarian Consult)                                            31
  5. Ayodele Arigbagbu (Dada Books)                                         32
  6. Osaru Alile & Lape Caxton-Onakoya (Caxton-Alile)        30
  7. Ola Orekunri (Flying Doctors Nigeria)                                 26
  8. Ladi Delano            (Bakrie Delano Africa)                                     30


  1. Ajo Kunnuho John (Animal husbandry)                            29
  2. Omoteso Sogo Ayodele (Piggery/Fishery/Poultry)        27
  3. Tochukwu Onyemelukwe (Jaeet Nigeria Limited)          30
  4. Olukayode Adeoye (Whails and Chase)                              32
  5. Ayodeji Adeyinka Adeoye (Irewolede Farms)                 30
  6. Fawolu Taiwo (Abivict Farms)                                               28
  7. Olusola Amusan (Olusola Amusan Company)                  22
  8. Zechariah Obasola (Crop farming)                                        30


  1. Julie Odia (WOW)                                                                                    31
  2. Adaora Mbelu (Innovation Factory)                                     26
  3. Uyi Omokaro (DM2)                                                                   30
  4. Bobby Taylor (Bobby Taylor Consulting)                          30
  5. Komolafe Adesola            (Media Insight)                                        30
  6. Samuel Olatunji (Big Sam Media)                                          30
  7. Uche Eze (BainStone)                                                                 29
  8. Funmilade Alalade (Elev8)                                                      28


  1. David Adeleke (HKN)                                                                 20
  2. Keke Hammond (Flytime Productions)                              30
  3. Tana Adelana (Tana Adelana Productions)                       28
  4. Emmanuel Dole Onoja (Delphino Entertainment)         28
  5. Don Jazzy (Mo-Hits/Mavin Records)                                               30
  6. Cobhams Asuquo (CAMP)                                                        31
  7. Mamah Nwanchukwu (Ape Planet)                                     28
  8. Clarence Peters (CAPital Dreams Pictures)                       29


  1. Ayodeji Adewunmi/Opeyemi Awoyemi/Olalekan         28/24/28

Olude  (Jobberman)

  1. Ajibola Modupe (OTG Playa LLC)                                          29
  2. Jason Njoku (Iroko Partners)                                                  31
  3. Eno Essien (Rheycrak)                                                              30
  4. Bode Pedro (Veda Technology)                                             29
  5. Kayode Disu (IISA)                                                                      29
  6. Temi Kolawole (Antigravity)                                                   27
  7. Femi Alade (Pliris Mobile)                                                        30


On Air Personality of the Year (Radio)

  1. Oladotun Kayode (Cool FM)                                                    28
  2. Twitwi (Wazobia FM)                                                                32
  3. Toke Makinwa (Rhythm FM)                                                  26
  4. Maltida Duncan (Rhythm FM, Abuja)                                  31
  5. Tolu “Toolz” Oniru (Beat FM)                                                 30
  6. Nike Adewuyi (Splash FM, Ibadan)                                      27
  7. Lorenzo Menakaya (Lion FM, Enugu)                                 26
  8. Mazino (Smooth FM)                                                                  30

On Air Personality of the Year (TV)

  1. Dolapo Oni  (Studio 53/Mnet)                                                            28
  2. Denrele Edun (Channel O)                                                       28
  3. Uti Nwanchukwu (Jara/Mnet)                                                            30
  4. Ill Rymz (Nigerian Idol)                                                             27
  5. Andre Blaze (Nigezie)                                                                29
  6. Adams Ibrahim (Soundcity)                                                    24
  7. Yvonne “Vixen” Ekwere (Silverbird TV)                             25
  8. Maupe Ogun (Channels TV)                                                    29

Musician of the Year   

  1. Davido                                                                                              19
  2. Wizkid                                                                                              22
  3. Tim Godfrey                                                                                   31
  4. Ice Prince                                                                                        26
  5. Flavour                                                                                            29
  6. Naeto C                                                                                             30
  7. MI                                                                                                       30
  8. Bez                                                                                                     29

Actor of the Year

  1. Ini Edo                                                                                              30
  2. Tonto Dike                                                                                      26
  3. OC Ukeje                                                                                          31
  4. Ivie Okujaye                                                                                   26
  5. Gideon Okeke                                                                                29
  6. Ramman Hassan                                                                          30
  7. Kabirah Mojisola Kafidipe                                                        31
  8. Lala Akindoju                                                                                25

Producer of the Year Music

  1. D’tunes                                                                                             22
  2. SamKlef                                                                                            27
  3. DJ Klem                                                                                            28
  4. Jesse Jagz                                                                                         28
  5. Ikon                                                                                                   29
  6. Fliptyce                                                                                            30
  7. Legendary Beats                                                                           23
  8. J Sleek                                                                                               24

Producer of the Year Screen

  1. Clarence Peters                                                                             29
  2. Victor Sanchez Aghahowa                                                        29
  3. Onye Ubanatu                                                                                31
  4. Ishaya Bako                                                                                    26
  5. Ladi Odebunmi                                                                             21
  6. Adeola Oloyede                                                                             32
  7. Anietie James Ekins                                                                     27
  8. Deji Adeniyi                                                                                   31


  1. Bankole Wellington [Banky W] (Musician/Entrepreneur/

Activist)                                                                                                       31

  1. Dapo Oyebanjo [D’banj] (Musician/Entertainment

Entrepreneur)                                                                                          32

  1. Jason Njoku (Media Entrepreneur)                                                  30
  2. Peter and Paul Okoye [Psquare] (Musician/Entertainment

Entrepreneur)                                                                                          31

  1. Linda Ikeji (Blogger/Media Entrepreneur)                                   31
  2. Chinwe Njoku (Scientist)                                                                      26
  3. Idris Akinbanjo (Journalist)                                                                 30
  4. Raheem Temitope Bello            (Scientist)                                                   19

*Note that, due to the adjusted The Future Awards calendar (it was moved from its traditional January to August, the period in review is October 2010 – May 2012. Nominees who were still 31 years as at March 2011 (six months into the period in review) are therefore eligible.


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